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Everything posted by trebor4460

  1. Received mine yesterday Chad ..real nice thx buddy
  2. yeh I like it and 165 bhp is always gonna come in handy.
  3. Just downloaded it on the old laptop and seems to work well
  4. I will have 1 Chad I will sort the PayPal payment when I get home
  5. trebor4460

    New boots

    Nice..I'm lookin for a new set of boots will have a look at these
  6. I always wear them when ridding, have done for years.. Will soon need them for close up to soon
  7. many thanks guys, had a real good day and still got the hangover from last night
  8. nice 1 Dick, would have been surprised if it didnt.
  9. bike sounded nice mind..... but yep, hes gonna be a dead un.
  10. sworn mine at the last of sept and look at the weather this weekend..
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