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  1. It really is such a tragedy and it's a shame that people are all too quick to judge without knowing the truth about someone or what's really going on in their lives. Amy was my Son's girlfriend for a time just before she started making a breakthrough in the music business so we knew her personally, we shared time with her when she stayed with us occasionally and whilst she certainly was a bit eccentric she was a fabulous person with an amazing talent. Unfortunately she got involved with some people that were not good for her and when fame and fortune start coming your way it's all too easy to take it the wrong way and make some bad life decisions. Ultimately she had the responsibility to choose which way to go but I'm sure none of us are perfect and if we're honest we can all own up to making some bad decisions in our lives, I know I certainly can! RIP Amy, it was a pleasutre knowing you, if sadly it was all too brief.
  2. Thanks to all you lovely people for the birthday wishes, usual sort of day for me as I was working (one of the penalties of being self employed!) but it was my daughters birthday on the 18th and she planned a birthday bash on the Saturday (my birthday) so I had a party to go to.....even if it wasn't mine Dave, sorry I've not been on for a while, wont bore you with the details but it's been a difficult few weeks, hopefully over the worst now so may be able to get back on a little bit more thanks for your concern mate Oh and I'm really impressed that you lot went out for a ride out on Sunday in honour of my birthday
  3. peejay


    Hi Stoner and welcome to the dark side
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum
  5. Dad's as much to blame for letting him drive it
  6. What a lovely place to be riding a bike
  7. It sold for £360.50 - reckon someone's got a bargain
  8. I got exactly those about 2 years ago and paid £169 which was a good price then so you've got a real bargain mate I'm well pleased with them, very comfortable and superbly made
  9. Hi Pete welcome to the forum I've seen a couple of VFR1200's out and about, does look a little odd I think and seriously overpriced I reckon, why not see if you can get a test ride ?
  10. That's such a shame Gill, I wish you all the best and hope you find a buyer
  11. You might get a lucky "break" and someone will want it or you might just have to take "pot" luck
  12. You sure you haven't lost a '0' in the translation ?? surely you mean 2500 ??
  13. Well at least the worst bit is over mate, hope the pain is bearable for ya it can only get better now
  14. Ouch ! Hope it all goes well for you
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum Good luck with the CBT and finding a bike
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