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  1. yeah it was a good day nice to put a few faces to the names
  2. yeah rip marco 58 very sad day for all concerned
  3. i would say my gpz 600 which was my first bike the carbs would always block up stupid bloody thing
  4. yeah cheers mate was thinking about it myself.and havent really stopped thinking about it at all for the last two days to be honest. but we did what we could buddy wish i could have done more rip tim and hope his son gets better soon
  5. i heared they are still hanging on the hope of a late indian summer so you never know might hold out for hog the bridge if anyone is interested 16 october by the way
  6. At the speeds you travel at i would be worried Moi I don't know what your talking about! :lo l: yeah tidy pics pike and nina nice one now i can see them
  7. Nina took 245 photos yesterday Yes, but none of you guys came out as my fat arse was in the way!! yeah it was a good day nice to see so many people out despite the weather dont know if anybody else is having any probs but cant seem to see any of the photos
  8. if you want a good set of dual compound tyres which are good on bigger bikes you cant go wrong with the dunlop road smarts got them on my xjr 1300 really good
  9. [qu ote="haveugot1"]B12 mk1 m8. why would you chose them?[/quote] yeah id go for the maxxis too mate in my 13 years of tyre fitting ive found that the b/stones wear unevanly and end up causing chatter on the front end
  10. yeah ill be there mate might aswell is that a new bike pike has got there ? and whats wromg with lukes
  11. onslow

    hey from kent

    hello and welcome welcome
  12. some tidy snapping there mate
  13. if there was an icon for a tumble weed i would have used that
  14. must have just been the tester try whereing a short skirt next time you never know
  15. yeah ive had no trouble with them either really good so far and ive been with them since i passed in 2000 and they were and always have been the cheapest but go for it mate get the money back but take it easy you never know when you might need them and did you pay by credit or debit card cos there is usually a charge for one of them
  16. yeah moto gp bsb & wsb and riding out myself as much as i can and becoming comfortabley numb by about nine in the evening
  17. thanks gavlar thats great nice to have a normal answer not like all the other dirty minded people on this forum i thought it was a clean and freindly site
  18. ive asked gavlar but no reply i would really like to know where he got his helmet from as i really like it. its in helmets show us yours
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