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  1. That had to be someone taking the piss mate!
  2. Cheers boys! Had a great day consisting of Lie-in, Full English, Stella, Madras and Egg Rice! All the best, Josh
  3. Well, it seems the only thing shitter than the caliper hardware is are the drill bits i tried to drill the bleed nipple out with! Gave up fairly quickly, countersunk the top and filled it with chemical metal. Looks pretty good to be honest so not too upset about that. Just ordered a stainless all-in-one Goodridge banjo-bolt-cum-bleed-nipple, should do the trick! Shame it cost me 15 (yes, 15!!) hard earned sterlings. I also took the liberty to split the caliper to finally free the pins, and ground the ends down so the fit was less snug to stop them from corroding stiff in future. Lots and lots of copperslip on the ends now that should also help! Now just to wait untill the banjo bolt comes so I can fill the system with some fresh fluid and hope for the best with no leaks!! Josh
  4. Rolf Harris is walking through a supermarket when an old lady spots him, walks over to him, and asks: "Aren't you that bloke from the 70s who did Two Little Boys?" Rolf, taken aback by this question says: "No ma'am, that was Gary Glitter."
  5. Tidy, tidy bike! Good luck with sale mate, shouldn't be to difficult!
  6. Not quite what happened mate. If those jackets didn't sell they would have gone on eBay at a similar price. The Oxan II has been replaced by the Rocket suit, which is almost identical to the old. So we would have trouble selling them on at full price. Beleive me, you got a complete and utter bargain on that thing, they weigh a ton and the leather used is top quality. And waterproof! Insane for £50!
  7. When the canvas starts to resemble the bottom of a tramps trouser leg, only then will I consider starting to look around for some new ones.
  8. I think if money was no object, I would spend a lot of money completely tricking out my TL. Radial GSXR 1000 forks, magnesium rims, dyno tuned thottle bodies, remapped ECU, the lot. Maybe even another respray in black and red would look nice with the gold foks and rims. I know theres 'faster' bikes out the but 100'Lb of torque makes it fun anywhere, and being a lanky sod the bike still fits me, unlike the modern day sports bikes. I would also have a BMW F800ST for commuting, as 70mpg sounds a lot better than the 28mpg I'm getting out of the TL. Add to this easier maintanence due to the the belt drive and you're onto a winner. And it's still a nice high bike for comfort with a good amount of grunt to stop it from being too boring! Josh
  9. So, rear brake pads need changing and the fluid needs bleeding and replacing. I try to remove torque arm nut to remove caliper, this rounds and has to be removed by hitting a impact socket onto it (yes the metal really is that soft). Next, the pins that hold the pads in are seized solid, and even though the caliper has been drilled to allow the usage of a pin to hit them out from the other side, still won't budge even with liberal applications of PlusGas. So, i decide to split the caliper and remove the pins this way. So, I go to bleed the fluid from the system to prevent any accidents and what do you know? The bleed nipple is stuck solid and shears of right in my hand, leaving only the stud. What should be a 15 minute job has now turned into an expensive one that will take over a week! Remind me again why exatcly it is that I consistently buy Suzukis? Josh
  10. Gotta disagree with that one. Can easily have too much power the for the road, but too much torque will never happen sorry i bow to your supreme knowledge , fr499y is right yet again , Yawwwwwnnnnnnn. This post sniff's of "jumping on the bandwagon". Can't we all get along? It was only an opinion!
  11. Gotta disagree with that one. Can easily have too much power the for the road, but too much torque will never happen sorry i bow to your supreme knowledge , fr499y is right yet again , Yawwwwwnnnnnnn. Was Matt not just airing his opinion? Haven't logged on here in a while but sincerely hope it isn't going the way of the Bandit forum with everyone being rude to each other? Surely as a group with a common intrest made up of (I thought) friendly people, we should all cut each other some slack? Josh
  12. Congrats! I had a similar experience when I did my test aswell forgot the paperwork! You were 15 when you passed your driving test?
  13. Ain't gunna be able to make it any more Got work and can't get it off! Gutted is an understatement especially considering the look of that bacon!
  14. Is there room for one more little one? Haven't been on here for an age due to being snowed under with Uni commitments! But would be great to see you all again and meet some new faces! Josh
  15. Two things i've never understood: how that many people can administer such evil on other human beings, and why anyone would want to deny that it ever happened. It definately did, and was probably worse than our worst understanding of it all.
  16. I doubt the Jews thought war was a waste of space, without it they would have been wiped from the face of the earth for sure! War is only a waste of space if it is for unjust reasons - such as the Holocaust. However without war for the right reason, the killing, brutality would have just kept on happening. "If you want peace, arm for war."
  17. Great review Matt! Would think a review section to be well received Dave, Stu and Dick! I'm seriously considering chopping my TL in for one of these! So economical, and look loveley in red - the guy over the road has got one. Would imagine it would feel a little less light in the "S" rather than the "ST" spec, as you'd be a bit more 'over' the bars then... Josh
  18. WD-40 is a very effective degreasent, will have your lock dry of any lubrication in no time. Two options. One, try some graphite lock lube. If this fails, and you dont mind maybe refurbing the barrel at some time in the future do what i did with my bandit (lazy sod's trick): fill the barrel with chain lube! I had to do this every month, but my barrel never gave up the ghost and was allways pretty smooth. All the best...
  19. funny that, was talking about it the other day, and HG recon its bullshit and will never work... funny thing is anything they dont sell they seem to think is shit Sorry mate, who is "HG"? Im a qualified music technician and producer and I don't see any reason that it wouldn't work. Who did you speak to?
  20. Dave is there any way that you can add "10% off in-store products at Hein Gericke Northampton" to the list? More than happy to help out my fellow Hutch-ers
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