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  1. those are cute joe - good idea
  2. A little bit of pouting is allowed—but don't get carried away! And a reminder to playfish that good communication goes a long way. We all understand that mistakes can be made—but if they could just help us out by saying "we're aware of the shrinking petlings. it's a blahblah blah (technical term or whatever) issue. it will be fixed in the next XX number of hours/days/weeks/years. if you paid CC for your petling, we will add the cc back to your account by xx day if the problem is not solved."
  3. It would be really nice if playfish would explain the rules/guidelines/limitations of giving/receiving seeds, stickers and gifts instead of us having to get confused and frustrated and try to sort it out on our own. Many people (including me) are having the same questions and multiple conversations with friends trying to figure it all out. We'd also like a clear explanation of fixing facebook settings to work with PS. It is certainly fun when PS releases updates and new features in the game, but this gift-giving one should have been clearly explained to avoid so much frustration.
  4. MaMaShiShi

    Just visiting

    happy traveling kasi, enjoy your time away. we are trying to behave but it's difficult with so many eggs to throw around gift each other.
  5. And because of that, I wish all the more we could gift these things to each other and help people get what they are still trying to collect.
  6. You should probably check your application settings in facebook. There is someplace where it would give you the choice if others can post on your wall or not. This might be in app settings, or in friend settings—I'm not sure which. Not my App settings at all trust me.. I have way too many games that post to my wall.. It isn't just me it's happening to though.. I have a bunch of friends with the same problem.. I have a few that can post to my wall.. But nothing happens after I accept gift and PS loads.. Oh that's frustrating. I hope they get that fixed. There are some quirks when I send (sometimes only the top half of the dialog box loads so I can't click to send) but nothing like that. Let's hope they are working on it and get it resolved soon.
  7. You should probably check your application settings in facebook. There is someplace where it would give you the choice if others can post on your wall or not. This might be in app settings, or in friend settings—I'm not sure which.
  8. I'm older than Lisa and younger than Kasijab. I have 3 kids. One in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school. Add their ages together plus another decade. I am less than a full deck. (In numbers, not in brains—though some may question that.) i w a s b o r n i n t h e y e a r o f t h e d r a g o n
  9. I don't really like the big emoticons. I like the small ones. But it's not a deal-breaker for me—PSFC is fabulous and you guys all work so hard to keep it going and keep us happy! I do miss :chaplin: though. I like my little hat-tipping guy.
  10. I am still looking for the Rainbow Egg. There are usually a couple posts on my wall, but not as many as I would have expected to see. I hope you're not all getting tired of me posting that I am still looking!
  11. I like getting the seeds—but not many people are posting them to my wall. I send as many as I have patience for, since it slows down the visiting—but every little bit helps. Every seed grows a flower and every flower sells for 200+ coins—or is ready for decorating/giving. So if you're reading this—yes, please—click and send a seed to ShiShi!
  12. I was able to get one four-leaf. I think I have two more clovers growing, but probably they will just be regular ones.
  13. I've got 7 petlings and only the first one that I adopted has shrunk. She doesn't ask for food anymore. It mustn't be intentional—PS wants us to keep spending coins on petling food... lol
  14. I wonder if the animated items slow things down—for example, the petlings - they run around like crazy and do all sorts of antics, the fountains with moving water, the statue that blows bubbles, etc. I think we've all experienced visiting a pet's house that has LOADS of stuff in one room and it takes a long time to load (and you vow to never visit again because it took forever and then you forgot and went there again...) Also, does the lag happen all the time? Could it be only certain times of the day when lots of people are logged on—as in PS servers getting bogged down? ??
  15. Glad you are staying with it. We addicts must stick together. And don't feel like you have to pay people back—you give when you can, but if you make yourself feel like you owe everyone, you're going to get stressed pretty quick. As much as you can, make use of the swap shop, gift train, food train, spare hats, etc for smaller items, and save and trade for the big items. Hang in there!
  16. I completed 99/99 Heart Cactus!
  17. YAY! My first 99 project is complete. 99/99 Heart Cactus! Thanks to all who helped and encouraged me along the way!
  18. I'm working on trimming my list of PS friends—the ones who aren't playing. My list is up over 200 and I don't visit everyone... I start at the top down or bottom up, and lots of times I miss all those friends in the middle! And most of the time, if someone sends a f/r without an explanation of who they are and why they are f/r ing me, I just don't accept them. Please add notes—it's the polite thing to do, and keeps us from guessing!
  19. Hi I'm Kathy. I have three kids—my boys are 16 and 13, and my daughter is 6. I'm not gonna say how old I am... just that I'm older than Lea75 and younger than Kasijab! Someone on here recently said they consider me one of the matriarchs (or some other ancient sounding word!) on this forum... please, I'm not that old ! MaMaShiShi just means I'm the MaMa of my pet ShiShi! Anyhoo, I live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state) of the USA. I'm a freelance graphic designer with not enough work so I waste spend many hours playing PS and messing around in this forum. Today I actually got outside for awhile and did some weeding in the yard. I discovered the muscles used for weeding are not at all the same as the muscles used for sitting on one's butt derriere in front of the computer screen. I also play scrabble in facebook. Enjoyed yahtzee and a couple others for awhile, but they just take away from PS time. I've tried yovile, farmville, petville, and all the other villes but none of them satisfied my need to decorate and rearrange furniture—all without any heavy lifting.
  20. good docs and bad docs can all miss things. nowadays we have to be our own advocates and persist when they say 'it's nothing' or if a prescription isn't doing the job. several years ago i got an ear infection. hadn't had one since i was a kid - and it HURT BAD. could not lay down to sleep at night. the doc gave me basic antibiotics, which helped some, but did not completely kill the infection. they gave me another round, it improved some, but again, came back and got worse again. did another round... still did not take care of it (and each round of meds was like 10 days... always improved, but did not go away completely). Then somewhere along the way I also had a yearly exam scheduled with my Gyn. While I was there I asked her to look in my ear because it was getting bad again. She couldn't believe how red it was in there - immmediately gave me this much stronger antibiotic that only takes 5 days—and that's what knocked it out finally. The moral to the story? Go see your gynecologist for an ear infection! OK just kidding...
  21. good luck! let us know how it goes!
  22. time to tuck those gigglers in! and i hope they don't wake up with the roosters.
  23. You're very welcome!! And my friend got a kick out of the whole thing. She likes to play jokes on me sometimes, so glad I thought of something to 'get her back' when she least expected it.
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